Benn is based in Hamburg, Germany. He's been singing barbershop on and off for over 25 years, mainly in mixed groups. His hardware achievements are international chorus bronze with EQMC and German quartet silver with Mix'n'Match. He's also chairman of the German supernerd mixed chorus Heavy Medal. He travels the world for barbershop most of the time. His hobbies are gardening, boating, cooking and old Vespas


A little about Mary (as written October 2019): 

In Barbershop  since 2006, Irish based till 2019 with national ladies chorus, Ireland Unlimited, and local chorus Champagne Cork initially bass, then lead and currently tenor. Quarteting since 2010, nationally in several ladies quartets  and since 2016 mixed barbershopping , which has become my real love. I took my first leap down the harmony brigade route in June 2016 at European harmony brigade in Berlin, where I was voted the GOGIMESW award and what an honour that was. I have attended 8 harmony brigade weekends since then… the European brigade, the UK harmony brigade and first US mixed brigade in Boston this Spring. I am currently like so many Endeavourers in preparation for the next UKHB (next February) followed by the Harmony Brigade cruise in late Feb. I have been part of the winning scratch quartet twice, and supertramp or tramp at all events… You have to sing with everyone .. that’s all part of the fun the challenge is learning a song in 2 parts… Delighted to be part of the world bronze medal winning Mixed chorus in 2018, with EQ Rendezvous under the direction of the one and only Lisa Robathan, Irish open mixed quartet gold in 2018 with Mixed Blessings and silver with Snap. Was part of the silver medal winning chorus- Happy Together (with lots of other Endeavour members) under the leadership of Lindley Gram and directorship of Colin Reid in Ireland in early October 2019.

Delighted to be here at the very beginning of the good ship Endeavour’s mixed barbershop travels and I currently hold the position of Endeavour Secretary and work with a great team. Looking forward to 2020 and more good results.

I am a horsey nutter since birth, got my first pony aged 3 and have been in the industry since then, I love hunting, cross country gallops, eventing and showjumping. I am a  competitor, show organiser, show secretary, course builder , showjumping judge , commentator, show director, local showjumping( SJ) columnist for the local papers to mention some of the jobs I have had throught the years.. My highlights to date : FEI international sj judge at the Royal Windsor horse show 2018 and  RDS 2019, FEI Foreign judge at the world cup qualifier in Poloquani South Africa, Youngest Irish International FEI judge and Steward , passing my exams in 2014, Director of the Munster Agricultural Society ,and former Secretary of the society for 5 years. 

In my spare time I work fulltime


Simon is our master of spreadsheets and keeper of coins! Currently singing with Spirit of Harmony, Simon is a keen Harmony Brigader and accomplished quartetter.

Rehearsal Co-ordinator

For many years, Lindley has been able to find barbershop groups that allowed him to sing with them as he moved around Europe. These days he takes part in and helps organise several Harmony Brigades each year (he's chairman of one, head of music for another, and webmaster for two others).  He directs a mixed chorus in Kent and sings in two quartets. In his spare time he pets the cat and rages about brexit.

Non-portfolio Officer

Hi, I am Nicola and I am living currently in Berlin. More than half of my life I have been spending on working with my and "other people's" voices. Starting as a speech and language therapist, I then became a certified voice coach 18 years ago. I lived in Tokyo and London before moving to Berlin, always working privately with actors, speakers and singers. Recently I got several chances to do voice overs in documentaries, recite at public events and my voice will appear in a movie soon - so exciting!
But my heart and voice found their home in Barbershop singing.
Living in a German-American family and community, I first sang BS in our school ten tears ago. Our wonderful MD warned me: be careful, it's infectious. Once you are bitten by the bug... So true. I joined the Women in Black and have been their voice coach ever since.
Seven Harmony Brigades later, hitting stage in several European countries with quartets, choruses and ensembles I am a proud co-founder of our fantastic Endeavour Chorus. I don't know how many people I talked into that since then... :)
The energy, discipline, enthusiasm and friendship of our chorus is as unbelievable as the fact how quickly we developed within less than a year.
Travelling to England, singing with friends on that level under the direction of our wonderful MDs is truly a highlight of my singing and made my life rich.